Monday, August 08, 2005

the end

well i figured when i got home that i'd have the time, energy, and desire to write a long, meaningful final post, sort of like clark's opening post. i was wrong. time i do have, but energy and desire, not a bit. the time change hit me pretty hard. i'm basically passing out around 10:00 pm, which is good for work i guess but cuts out the amount of time i have to write the only kind of post that would do this blog justice. one that would stand the test of time and make you laugh and cry.

so i'm not going to do that. instead, i'm just gonna say, this is it, the end, nothing more is coming, even from clark or durrell, neither of whom i'm sure still exist. anyway, i went to this cool little web site ( that turns url's into trees, and made one for this blog. a fitting last picture, i think.

tada! i hope you all enjoyed the blog as much as i enjoyed using it to forget that i was in china while writing. let me know if you want to see any pictures.