Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Sinofied Crêpe

I miss jianbing, and all those other Chinese favorites: 干煸豆角, 四川烤鱼, 水煮鱼, 新疆大盘鸡. I could go on. I made this video a while ago but never posted it while in China (obvi). But it's no less appetizing after the fact:

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Biking in Beijing: A Professional Risk Analysis

Recently, I started a new job in the research department of a real estate firm (basically taking over Golze's job, but way lower on the totem pole). Since, I am doing a lot of research, I am creating lots of bar graphs and pie charts; I have decide to use my research skills to estimate the increase danger I have put myself in since New Clark gave me his old bike, which he inherited from Clark Classic. New Clark gave me his bike without any seat on it, just a pole with springs. I guess he was just sitting on the pole and using the springs for shock absorption.  I have since bought a seat for the bike (so the bike only cost me RMB 18 so far). Anyway, attached are two bar graphs that illustrate some back of the envelope calculations I have made that convey the risks associated with biking.

The first chart shows the number of times my friends or I have been in accidents while biking and walking and whether or not we were injured (whether or not they injured someone, which was the case in some incidents, is not considered). I must confess, I am the only one of my friends that I know who has been hit by a car while walking. Unfortunately, I have been hit twice, but luckily I have never been injured. I have only been hit once on a bike, and I was not injured then also. In my one bike accident and in one walking accident, I got hit by the driver because he was backing up without looking behind him, one was looking in the side mirror to back up and one was not looking at all, just using the force; I guess it was not strong with in him, he was a taxi driver by the way. So just by biking, I am three times more likely to get in an accident with a car, another bicycle, or a pedestrian. And in a bike accident, there is a 33% chance I am going to get injured. While I know this is not statistically accurate in anyway, I am convinced it reflects the reality here. And by biking, I am much more likely to die sooner rather than later. But what would life be without a little adventure. And one of the good things with my new job is that I have health insurance now and a gym membership, so now I can afford to get hit and I can build up the muscles to sustain the blows.

These numbers just come out of my imagination, but they are mostly accurate. Don't worry I don't bike every day, and I only bike sometimes with my Ipod on. So you can probably lower that number by at least 2%. 

On a completely different note, I have decided to expand my door to door lawnmower sales business in to other ventures. Recently, CNN did some groundbreaking news coverage on companies who rent white foreigners. Thus, I have decided to start a company that brings other foreigners in to ask the other companies' white foreigners questions to see if they are on the up and up. I think I can go public by next march. Who wants to invest now, and get in early? I will even bring some Chinese people to my investor meeting so you know I am legit.

Highlight of the Week: This is an email message I received this week – "This is a gentle reminder that you were 3 mins late this morning. You monthly allowance for July has been used."