Thursday, November 29, 2007

"On the Decay of the Art of Lying"

I know I am supposed be studying, but having studied all day and made very little progress in the notes that I have been mulling over and also having been a 100% convinced by the practice test and other online test that I have no chance as the saying goes of a tiger eating a rhinoceros chance in hell of passing this test, and not to mention having had something really interesting just happen to me not five minutes ago, I have decided to write this blog.

The thing that is interesting, that now I have timed to contemplate about and on after thought is really not that interesting, is I met (so he claimed, but google has no sign off) one of the owners the most renowned ultimate frisbee brands, its called High Five or Hi Five (not sure on the spelling could be the reason one google has not trace, but maybe you know, and by you I mean Golzer because you are the only person besides myself we currently reads this blog and you are the only person of the two of who would know about ultimate frisbee). From what the guy said they make some type of furry pink hats that are supposed to be popular. Anyway, because he said something about ultimate frisbee I was like yeah my school has really big ultimate culture. I think he might have thought I knew about a lot about it, from the what we talked about later, but ultimate frisbee is like all the other things I don't like (if i am not good at something after 3 minutes of trying I automatically put it on my "that sucks list" and dismiss it and/or ridicule it); we end up talking about how he would drive to Middlebury for some big tournament they have every May or something, and how Middlebury was a big influence over the ultimate fribees culture at a lot of other schools and especially at his school University of Chicago. The whole time I was thinking, really those frisbee kids are so flippin' weird, also streaking when I was trying to study in the Library or pretend to study. I think I am going off top, and I am not certain where the top was headed, someone just gchatted me, hold on let me read what I was writing before. Ah ok, ultimate frisbee kids are weird, thats that.

Oh yes, what else we talked about, the guy informed me why the lights have been off for the past two weeks in my favorite Chinese restaurant behind me apartment building and why I have not been able to eat there. He basically confirmed what I knew deep down in my heart, but I kept trying to deny to myself ever since I saw the lights no come on. They are going to 拆 the building. We I heard him say that, my heart weeped. I finally knew what the worlds smallest violin, playing the worlds saddest song actually sounded like. Apparently they are going to 拆 that building and some other surround ones, those I actually don't like and turn it in to a parking lot for the Olympics and once the Olympics are over in to a Sun City 2. I was damn, that sucks, bring back my flippin' favorite Chinese restaurant. Screw Olympic parking, I need a place with good food that is only two minutes from my house, I don't want to walk the extra 30 seconds to go to a different Chinese restaurant. And plus, I was getting to really like the people there and they were starting to get to the point where they could understand my broken Chinese. Now I have to go to this other place and start all over again. JAM!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Golze accidental added the wrong site. Like I thought and I am sure you all thought out there as well, here is what was supposed to appear:

cash advance

I have to start studying for a test, but I have many things to write about that have to wait until next week. So stay tuned. However here is a little short something.

I was riding in the elevator the other day and there was this lady that looked like Anyir's mom (as one of her roommates described her mom, middle-aged, Chinese, and fat), her phone starts to ring and I almost bust out laughing really loud. The song that was playing on the phone was Usher Yeah! I was wow, that is a down ass mom. Next she start break dancing in the elevator, it was pretty crazy. Ok, maybe that part is not true, but it would have been amazing if she had.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Audrey, My New Love

Today, I went shopping with my Mongolian friend for a present for another friend for her Birthday, I am pretty sure my Mongolian friend works for the Mongolian CIA. MCIA speaks like 12 languages, has been to mad different countries, has a scar on his face that I think he got from a knife fight in Russia, and is always doing some secret assignment of the government. I might have blown his cover, so if I am dead tomorrow you know why. Anyway, While MCIA and where looking for gift ideas, that is when I met her. She was squatting looking extremely ambrosial. After much bargaining with her pimps, I finally bought her for 70RMB. She is beautiful. Her race is Limonium and she comes from the Rutaceae family. Her family is very prestigious, especially in India.

I am so excited to have her be a new edition to my apartment. I finally have someone to talk to and spend my nights with. Her name is Audrey.

While I was walking around today looking for gifts with my MCIA friend, I spoke with some Chinese plant sellers and they tried to tell me that lemons are limes before they turn yellow. I was like wtf, ah ok, if you say so. But since I know nothing about plants, this could be true. So if anybody can verify this information for me, I would appreciate that.

And this year, I thought I would use an aluminum pole instead of a Christmas tree. But I think that I will just use Audry instead, prop her up in a corner and put lights and presents under her.

Now it is time to head to the bar and if someone could give me information on how to raise a lemon tree, I would appreciate that too.


So far my weekend has been pretty eventful, even though it is ten o'clock right now on a Saturday and I am writing a blog. But besides that it has been pretty good. I hopefully I will stop being a piss ant and go out and do something but the forecast isn't looking so good.

Anyway I have come to the realization that 90% of the time when I go out with friends it is either to go to the bar or got eat, hence the picture. But, since I have been in Beijing I have come to appreciate food so much more. I have only had Korean BBQ once before Friday and that first time was like a month ago. So I don't know much about it. However, I do know this. I LIKE. They have this chicken kebab thing at the restaurant we went to, it is like.... Hmmm, I don't know what it is like but it was good. Definitely worth going back just to eat that.

The place I came back from just now is Grandma's Kitchen, not to be confused with the Grandma's Kitchen in Hangzhou. This Grandma's Kitchen is American food and it was delicious, it was like being back home. While Steak & Eggs is good (except on Thanksgiving, never eat at Steak & Eggs on Thanksgiving), I think that Grandma's Kitchen is much better, which is reflected in its higher price. Even though, I did not eat breakfast at Grandma's, someone else did, ant the food quality look much better than Steak & Eggs. But you don't have to take my word for it, take a trip out here and try for yourself.

Friday, November 23, 2007

The Day Before Yesterday

On Wednesday, I went to the Bookworm to hear poetry from a relatively well known poet named Paddy Bushe. He read many of his poems, but the poem that jumped out at me the most was from his book The Ghost Man, the poem is titled "We come..." It jumped out at me because it reminded me of something my co-work told me about my maid, it made me sad think for her situation. Apparently, she has a child that lives in Sichuan where she is from, that is only ten years old. When I heard that I was like wtf. Why does she live him their by himself? Why doesn't she bring him with her? And she simple said she can't afford it. And apparently her husband is here in Beijing too. So the child lives with some family and doesn't get to see his parents. Probing more, I came to find out this is the plight of many kids that live in the countryside in China. Their parents live them in the countryside, so they can find work and hopefully send back money. While, I am sad that she has been forced to abandon her kid, my selfish side is quite happy that I have a maid that can come twice a week for fifty dollars a month.

Anyway, walking down the road to work that I have talked about in too many post. I have realized this may be the cleanest road in China now. The change from when I first got her is amazing. The road is so clean, that the people use the ash trays on top of the garbage cans they installed. I was shocked when I saw that. And what shocked me even more, was the fact there was no spit on the side walk. I don't know how they accomplished this, especially because it has not rained recently. But I was amazed when I realized it.

Oh and yesterday, I finally figured out what the guards are pretending to guard. Apparently there is so international boxing event going on in Workers Gymnasium. But, that doesn't explain the army present there. So I think it is a front. I still think that is where they keep the aliens.

Happy Ungrateful Day

In a way, it is ironic that we celebrate thanks on Thanksgiving. When at the time, the original settlers were thankful to the native Indians, but how quickly they forgot their gratitude towards them and the act of survival of the fittest became law. I guess we all suffer from lapse of gratefulness and the animal instincts that we think lay dormant ends up ruling our lives more than we think. But this post is not about that. What is it about you ask, well, it is about nothing like all the rest of my post. So sit back and get ready for the tale of my first China Tryptophan Day.

Like all my mornings, my day started with me regretting the time I choose to go to sleep the night before and me hating that bitch Time, who decided not to heed my request to make a few hours seem like eight. After cursing Time, I checked my email and gchatted with Cooper about the latest happenings around the world. Being bored with whatever he was talking about and having an intense odium growing with in over his recent fortune of going to Miami beach for the winter and of hearing his luck of getting the Yacht account, head to the shower.

In the shower, I soak my body in warm water to soften the skin and hair. I start first by washing my hair with Head & Shoulders. Warm water is better for washing your hair because it does not scold it and allows for better and fullier body. Head & Shoulders is a good choice in shampoo because it reduces the dandruff that many hear suffer from. Next, I move to the body. I turn up the hot water to allow more steam in the shower to open the pores. And apply exactly five squirts of the new Dove body wash, I have recently purchased, to my new abrasive loofah. Dove is the best body wash for cleaning and exfoliating. The abrasive sponge helps to prevent pimples and smooth the skin. Next I apply, an apricot face scrub to clean my face and reduce the lines of age.

After I get out of the shower, I grab my 100% cotton towel and brush my teeth, applying the right amount of Crest toothpaste on an Oral B toothbrush. While brushing my teeth I remind myself over and over, "I'm resourceful, I'm creative, I'm young, unscrupulous, highly motivated, highly skilled. In essence what I'm saying is that society cannot afford to lose me. I'm an asset."

Next I get dressed. Putting on a trousers from boxers and wife beater from Hanes, trousers by Izod, a shirt and sweater by the GAP, socks by Jockey, and shoes from Florsheim. On my way out the door I have a jacket by The Northface and a hat by Element.

Arriving at work barely on time. I start my regular routine of reading market information, answering emails and making calls. The only other American in the office, who is Chinese with American citizenship decides to take everyone out for Thanksgiving. We end up at FeiTeng Yuxiang a Sichuan restaurant. At lunch we have the 水煮鱼 and 馋嘴蛙, along with other dishes. Overall the food was good and worth the trip, even though it was far from Thanksgiving food. It was still good, but left me with an unsettled stomach.

Arriving back to work, my day went on as normal, but that bitch Time, made it seem like it was lasting forever. She never slows down the shit I want slowed down. At 6pm, I packed my things and headed home. By the time, I got home, I still had some time to KILL before I head to Steak and Eggs for our 8pm reservations. So, I began reading more of "One Hundred Years of Solitude." At 7pm, I began to get dressed, putting on jeans by ecko, a shirt by GAP, a sweater by J. Crew, and shoes by Rock Port. After getting dressed I head for the subway.

I arrive at the restaurant by 8pm and as usual my friends arrive late. It seems that the French do not know how to use clocks. But it was okay that they arrived late, because the idiots at restaurant did not change my reservations to 8pm like I asked and had it scheduled for 8:30pm, which was probably the first sign that this night was going to bed, along with the shit load of people waiting for a table in the doorway. As I looked at the human mass in the doorway, the only thing I could think was I hope that we get a good table. As 9pm passed and we still did not have a table, I began to get impatient and pressure the maitre d' to no avail. After an additional fifteen minutes we were finally seated in a back corner of the restaurant at what seemed a halfway decent table. So my anxiety was alleviated somewhat, but the demon inside me was becoming listless with burning rabidity
. It took another 20 minutes before a water would even look at us, let alone talk to us. Another 5 minutes for him to take our orders for drinks and salads. After another 10 minutes of no response from him or another person and having watched him serve other tables that arrived after us. The demon prevailed and began to unleash his wrath on any waiter or waitress he say, startling all the customers with in ear shot of the bluster it exuded (People who know me well, have not seen me get angry often and yell at people, so this explains how pissed I was). Finally, after bringing the bawls of hell in the restaurant and besieging to see the manager. The service improved 150%. We finally got our drinks and silverware and our salads by 10pm. And after letting loose the demon on the manager we got a free bottle of wine as well. The food ended up being mediocre at best and the pie had much room for improvement. However, the bottle of wine was good. It was a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc, sweat with a little hint of pear or maybe apple.

The night ended with me bring people back my socialist friend and another French friend for more conversation and debate, which the socialist didn't have enough of at dinner, when I say enough I mean debate. I official announce that I am not going to get in anymore debates with people. I am just going to let people think what they think whether racist, wrong, or right.

When making Thanksgiving plans in China.
DO NOT GO TO STEAK AND EGGS. First the service is bad at this time and they don't know how to do planning and lets also mention the food is not good. Any other time the food is good at Steak and Eggs, but at Turkey Day, it is not worth it. When someone stagers reservations 30 minutes apart with 5 groups in the same time slots for a small restaurant, you know there is something wrong.

It would be move better to go to a hotel or even more upscale restaurant and get good food, even if the price is higher. Do not get food by Steak and Eggs low price on Thanksgiving.

Another tip, when being screwed over by the service at a restaurant, it is smart to have the river Styx flow in the place, it will help you get a river of wine flowing down your gullet.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

So That's Why The French Are Lazy

I had another conversation with my socialist French friend and a very lovely dinner that she made. I was quite impressed. But anyway, she explained to me more why French people do the things they do and their long history striking and socialism and among other things. And on my walk back home, it occur to me the main difference between the US way of thinking and the French way of thinking (I confirmed this with my socialist friend and she agreed, even though she gave me a longer reason on why).

To me the big difference between the French and Americans is that Americans believe in the Idea that their is "No such thing as a free lunch." That you have to work hard for everything you get, and by only working hard you can be successful and get what you want and that the governments role in their success should be very limited. Hence, we don't like to pay high taxes or like a lot of government intervention in our lives and our markets. While the French on the other hand believe that it is the governments job to help them. That by being a French citizens they are entitled to help from the government in many aspects of their life. In essence, it is the governments job to help support them. Hence, the wonderful health care system and the many strikes when the government wants to take away benefits that enhance their life.

On a totally different subject. I was walking home today, and I was walking behind this guy and he farted so loud (Like Anyir did in front of her roommate's boyfriend). And I started to laugh and he just looked at me crazy.

And on another note, I think I blogged about this before or a similar situation. But recently to colleagues of mine have told me that I look like two famous black people. One is Isaiah Washington and the other is Brian McKnight. I hate to break it to people, but I look nothing like either one of them. One, I am not that dark and two, I am much more handsome.

When confronted with a ridiculous situation in China, like someone saying you look someone you don't. The best approach is the "smile and nod technique." To do this one adds a smile to their face and then nods. It is simple and very effective. Another technique that you can uses is the "laugh in face technique." To do this one laughs in the face of the person who made the ridiculous comment and optional can add a comment like "Oh, that is ridiculous" or "What are you talking about" or "If I look like that then you look like Jackie Chan." Remember all comments are optional and both techniques produce the same result.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I finally figured out why they repaved the rode I walk down to work near Workers Gymnasium, tore up the dog park, and had soldiers do drills there. Well I didn't completely figure it out, but I figured out something. I figured out this much, they turned the dog park into a parking lot, for what I am guessing is car use. They also have the guards who were doing the drills guarding an entrance they constructed that has metal detectors and police tape and police around it. There are also people who go in and out with badges. So since, the Olympics are coming up, I am guessing that is where they have moved the aliens that they have captured. There was really no point in writing this other than I could not think of anything else to write about.

Sichuan Food in Beijing

Sichuan food in Beijing is not as good as Sichuan food in Sichuan, but there are still some really good restaurants around Beijing. Many foreigners are of the opinion that Chuan Ban is the best Sichuan restaurant. While, if you speak to Chinese people they will tell you that Feitang Yuxiang is the best, I have also heard good things about Ma La You Huo, but I have never been there. Ma La You Huo, is supposed to be even more in the Sichuan cooking style. But since I have only been to the big two and many smaller ones,I will only speak of those. Chuan Ban is good, but I don't know it is better than Feitang Yuxiang, but then again I didn't try their 水煮鱼(shui zhu yu), which is the real test of a Sichuan restaurant. A Sichuan restaurant is only as good as there 水煮鱼. Well, Chuan Ban's other food was good, it was not better than Chuan Ban's other food. If you go to Feitang Yuxiang, you must try the 水煮牛蛙, it is delicious. I will not tell you what it means, but it is spicy heaven.

When eating 水煮鱼. You must bite down carefully on the fish. If you are not careful, you will choke and probably die, because Chinese people don't know CPR or the Heimlich maneuver.

Also, when eating 水煮鱼, consider your beverage options careful. Many people will go with soda to combat against the spiciness of this beast. However, soda is not the best defense against this foe. Soda often makes the burning sensation in your mouth more intense. The best bet is water. But since water is normally boiling hot when served, it s not a very good option, unless you are impervious to third degree burns. The best option is actually beer, because it soothes and numbs at the same time. But this option is quit dangerous as well. Because the 水煮鱼 is delicious and irresistible, which means that you will consume it in mass quantities. The only draw back to the mass consumption means that the beer will flow down your throat like the golden rivers of the Mekong (whatever that means). And one will find themselves quite drunk and possible red in the face. So consider your options carefully. Oh yeah, there is also fruit juice option as well, but there was no downside to those options so I didn't write about them.

As you are eating the 水煮鱼, your lips and tongue may be come numb. Don't panic and scream, "they are trying to kill me they are trying to kill me." One, must Chinese people don't understand English and won't understand. Two, it is normal. It is the naturally toxins from the mercury in the fish you are eating. It will only cause slight blindness for a few days.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Patrick Bateman Is A Personal Hero of MIne

I have almost finished reading American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis, I have only thirty pages to go, but I think it is a literary masterpiece. It has given me inspiration to write more blogs and has helped me to come to the conclusion that I want to use that as format for writing my blogs, well that format and I have also decide to I want to use the format that Max Brooks use in The Zombie Survival Guide, another brilliant work of art. For more information see future blogs.

Last weekend I decided that I wanted to learn how to play the harmonica, so on an impulse I went to a music store and bought one for $5. Damn, the Nyquil is strong, maybe I should eat something before I pass out. But this could end up being like many of my other impulse that have failed, like getting CFA certification, learning Spanish, and my half-assed attempt at joining the Army or even like my new decision to write in a new literary format. I had more to write in this blog but I can't remember now. Damn this Nyquil is good. I feel like I should start chasing the purple dragon..."Catch me, Catch me."

Two Things I Still Don't Understand about China

While I make it sound like there is only two things that I don't understand about China, in reality, I think there only maybe to things I truly understand about China (China's has a lot of people and Chinese food taste good, even though the latter is not something to understand).

The first thing I don't understand, I guess I will find out next year. The first thing is how is China going to reduce its pollution before the Olympics. I have only been back in China since August 19, 2007. But man, I have seen so pretty awfully polluted days since I have been here. And apparently I missed the worst of it. In the past three weeks, every Monday I have traveled for business to a new place. In this order I traveled to Dalian, Sanya, and Tianjin, also in that order the pollution I saw ranked from good to worse. Dalian was not that polluted when I went, although it seemed kind of dirty. Sanya, which is supposed to be the Hawaii of China was clean, but the sky was filled with smog. When you looked out to the sea, all you could see was smogged covered islands. It wasn't like being in Key West and looking out and the sea/ocean seems to go for forever and drop off the earth. And Tianjin, how do I explain going to Tianjin? I wish I need how to write then, I would use some power analogy or metaphor to convey what I saw. But it was like driving through the fog on the meadows of a scare movie. You could only see maybe 300 meters in front of you and the smog just surrounded you. It was like the movie The Fog. Seriously it was ridiculous. I am very eager to see, what transpires in 8/8/08.

The second thing I do not understand is why China, does not have more colleges and universities or at least more technical schools. One of social dilemma face the Chinese population, that relates to China having a lot of people, is the pressure that high school kids have in high school, preparing for their college entrance exams. The pressure that these students face is completely different than the pressure high school kids in US have on performing well on the SAT, especially since the SATs are not the only fact US colleges consider. But in China, the only thing that matters is doing well on the college entrance exam, high school for a Chinese high schooler is all about this one test. The only study for this on test. It seems the only information that matters is the information that is going to be on this test. So many skills that Americans value, many Chinese students don't have. Like creative writing skills. (An aside, having take Nyquil just now and not being able to control the heat in my apartment, which currently is set on HELL. I am finding it increasingly difficult to finish this blog). I realize that it is not simple just to create more universities, even though the Communist party has all the power and pretty much does as it please. I don't understand why they don't just start more schools. Will more schools have an adverse effect on the economy or the unemployment rate, shit, I don't know. But I wish I could figure out why this has not been considered or someone could tell why this is not a workable option.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Arguing with the French Is Like Arguing with A Donkey's Ass

In China, I have met a lot of people from many diverse backgrounds and different cultures. It is really easy to met other expats here. The expat community in general is very friendly and very welcoming. Most of my friends here are from different countries, and needless to say I get a lot of shit for being an American. Most of its funny and we end up making funny of each other for our stereotypes. But this one French girl, everytime I see her, she gets in an argument with me about how the US sucks and France is so much better. Gosh the French suck. Nah, I really like my French friends, and actually enjoy listening to her perspective.

Anyway tonight we got in to a big argument about socialism vs. capitalism. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I like to argue or that arguments like to fall in my lap. So in China, I have decided that I don't want to get in debates with people anymore. However, tonight I could not help myself, the girl was just so ridiculous, socialism sucks. When someone tells me that the work week should be only 24 hours and the current French 35 hour work week is too much. I am just like damn. French people are so lazy. No wonder your economy has so much problems. I mean yeah your health care system is better, and I guess poor people are better off in your country, but man socialism is so inefficient. But what I realized is that her arguments where more about enjoying your life and having just enough, and mine where about having the best and getting everything you want. I guess competition and excellence is just to ingrained in my brain, and laziness and handouts are ingrained in hers.

But I guess in the end if she gets sick she doesn't have to pay anything, and my uninsured ass will be dead in a corner.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I get why Anyir pees in cups

I don't know if it is a Chinese thing to do this, but I was on a flight to Hainan. Supposedly the Hawaii of Chinese. I have never been to Hawaii and I didn't see much of Hainan, so I don't really know. Back to my orginial train of thought, this family had this kid on the plane with the split pants that many Chinese babies wear. And of course he was not wearing a diaper, so I thought it is going to be fun if the is baby poops all over this mom or pees all over her. So the flight is chugging a long or doing whatever airplanes do. And all of sudden the baby has to go to the bathroom. I am like oh no. But the mom whips out a cup and has the baby pee in it. I am like man, weird and gross. Why didn't you just take him to the bathroom, I am thinking in my head. So when the baby is done peeing in the cup, the put the cup with the pee in an airsick bag. I am like ok cool, I guess. Atleast it is going to spill ever where in case there is turbulence. And I start to unbuckle my belt to let them out to throw the urine away. But they don't get up and for the rest of the flight, all I smell is baby pee. It was pretty bad, I think he had asparagus or something.

But enough of that, below are pictures of me kicking so other foreigners butts in a bobbing for apples contest at Hooters and be just basking in my glory on Halloween.

After Much Debate....

After much debate and a lot of personal reflections and many fan request and the approval of Clark Smith (the best blogger the world has known), I have decide to start this blog back up. The only thing I can promise about these new blog post is like in the past they will continue to have the same grammar mistakes and spelling errors of my previous blogs. Having a college degree doesn't mean you know the English language any better, which is kind of unfortunate. Also, the content of this blog will be different. A lot less funny more serious, more of a social and political commentary of how society has changed with the new economy. Absolute no more jokes. A new serious me has emerged. Well let's get start on the real content. See the following paragraphs below for more information:

So the last time I was in China for a significant period of time was in 2005 as a college student. And maybe because I have a job and in two years you gain more experience and perspective, your views change, but I don't think this is it. I think it is that China has just changed a lot. After two months or so of being here I have seen so much change just in that short time spend.

First the things that have changed in since 2005. In short, everything. There is so much more money flying around Beijing since the last time I have been here. Before when I was here, you rarely saw a BMW or Mercedes. Now, I see them all the time. Maybe it is because I live in a richer part of town now, and not in the ghetto near the zoo. But money is everywhere. I have seen Porsches, Ferraris, Bentleys and many other high end cars. I know you are thinking so what. Well, when you consider that there is something like a 200% import tax on luxury cars and that the average income in China is like $2000 a year. It is pretty crazy too see.

And that is not the only other change, there are new buildings everywhere. Cranes and half finished buildings line the streets where ever you go. Places that I often went to when I was a student, have completely changed. For example, the bar area that we went to all the time doesn't even exist. But that is not really a surprise because they were destroying it when we were their in 2005. Also, the market penetration of many US companies is astounding. One of my favorite places to go to get food and shop for little things is 7-11 (7-11 has the best breakfast food. Like these one buns, oh so good. If you come that is the first thing I will give you). I don't think I saw one 7-11, when I was here in 2005, but now they are on every corner. And while Starbucks was here when I was here last time, its present is beginning to look like that of Seattle. Even Hooters, has open up a franchise her, which is surprisingly kind of fun, even though the girls for a lack of a better word don't have hooters. But that traditional communist China that you have read about in the history books is no longer, well at least in the big cities and coastal cities. It is being westernized at a rapid past.

Now secondly, the changes I have just seen in two months. Because the changes I have seen in the two months are so many. I will only talk about the changes I have seen on my short walk to work. On my route to work is down one street, that takes 15 mins to walk. The changes are numerous: I have witnessed the street be completely repaved twice, I have seen at least two from what I could tell popular restaurants be demolished (maybe they are doing renovation), I have seen a popular gross park, where people brought their little dogs to play be torn up and replaced with a stone square (they love their stone squares here). The dog park was one of my favorite things to watch coming and going from work. People looked so happy playing with their little dogs, even China has some of the ugliest dogs I have ever seen and you had to watch out for shit everywhere. It was enjoyable to watch their happiness and them beating their dogs when they didn't listen. But now the park is stone and blocked off and being used for military drills. While it is not dogs being beat, it is still kind of amusing to watch. But back to the changes., the are fast and they hit hard. I read in the Wall Street Journal that compared to Malawi the changes that happen in China occur every seven hours. While, its not actually this quick it certainly seems like it.

Well, I am out of things to say for now. But be assured there is more to come.