Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Greatest Food Map of Beijing in the History of the Universes

Recently, I had the idea of creating a map of all the places I have liked to eat in Beijing since I came here in 2007, because I was tired of going to the same places over and over again. I thought by creating a map I might start going to more places around the city. I quickly realized I could not remember many of the places I used to eat at over the past couple of years and the map end up just Beijing the last three places I had dinners and lunches at. Thus, I decided to add more people who have similar food taste to me. I think I sent invites to over 20 people to add more places to this map, but quickly found only three other people like to eat food in Beijing. Since creating this map, the three other contributors, Ben, Tyler and Eric, and I have formed a super exclusive club that meets bi-weekly dinners at different spots across the city. For anyone who wants to join just tell Golze the secret password (let me know when you guys are meeting).  

Rest assured that the title of this blog post is no hyerbole. It has the greatest minds working to add only the best of the best of Beijing's fare. So expect the information on the map to continue to grow. Choose what mania you have to go to the map: Phagomania or Opsomania?