Tuesday, August 31, 2010

if not triumphant, at least a return

tomorrow i'll be heading back to dirty old beijing after a summer at home, which, apart from the departure of new clark and the laziness of durrell, is the main reason posting has been so slow over the past three months. this time back i won't be working, instead living a more bohemian existence of travel, deep self reflection and drinking all the beer that we brewed this winter.
i hope to post somewhat often, but i until mid-november i hope to be on the road, so access to blog posting i imagine will be limited. instead, i have jerry-rigged a relay of rss feeds that should allow me to post text messages from my mobile phone in china. with fingers crossed, the message will flip through five different web sites before ending up on my brand-spanking-new twitter account. from there, it will be launched to facebook, google buzz and a new widget on the top right corner of the blog. so basically, if you pay attention to me at all through the wonders of cyberspace (and in the case of facebook, even if you don't), you hopefully won't have to do anything. if, however, you'd like to take our relationship a step further, you can find a link to my twitter feed below:


it should be noted, however, that in all likelihood i won't have access to any of these services in china, so i won't be able to see your questions, likes and tweet-smacks at least until i get back to beijing. but i'll enjoy reading once i do finally get access, so by all means please comment like you mean it. you can also always just send me an e-mail too!

so it's so long to the land of the free. until my return, remember: if i don't see you in the future, i'll see you in the pasture.