Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Had the fish eating out of my hands

Just got back from a three island tour snorkeling trip on a glass bottom boat. We did snorkeling off the coast of the three Gili islands. The first drop was the least eventful but I accidentally food an octopus hiding in a rock. I swan down thinking it was coral but it moved and stared at me like you are messing up my attack spot. The only other thing that I saw besides your typical schools of different kinds of fish and besides coral was a colorful sea snake. The next place we went we were guaranteed to see turtles and we did. I dove down and a turtle swam right at me. I stared into its soul and its soul told me to get out of the way so I can get some air. Finally we went to a place where the fish eat food out of your hand. In the process I discovered that tropical fish love bread. Who knew? I think every time I go swimming on a tropical island from now on, I am going to bring a loaf of bread. It will make my swims more interesting. No pictures this time as my Motorola DynaTAC is not waterproof.

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